Our Demands to Congress:

PASS A LAW FOR UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS ACROSS THE COUNTRY:  According to a report published by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, at least 1 in every 5 guns are purchased without a background check.  We must address the loop holes in our current laws, that allow firearms to be easily transferred into the hands of dangerous individuals.

PASS A BAN ON ASSAULT WEAPONS: Military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines have no place in our communities. We must work to prevent access to assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

MANDATE GUN REGISTRATION, JUST AS WE REGISTER CARS:   Straw purchasing must be stopped.  Under current laws, individuals who don't have a criminal background are able to purchase guns in large quantities, and then sell them on the black market.   Titling guns will allow us to track who made the original purchase of the gun, and if that gun is used in a crime, the purchaser will be held accountable.